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The squash or squash is a ball game that is played with a tennis racket rectangle enclosed by four walls. It is played with a racket similar to tennis but thinner and elongated in a field of rectangular shape which is enclosed by four walls, one of which is made of glass (the back) and in which the ball can bounce forever do it from the foul line. The aim of the game is to get the area back from reaching the ball.


It's a type of racket sport that is played on a squash track, but the rubber ball has a keenest boat. This last detail is what makes the game totally different from squash, as by jumping more, you can get to the ball more easily. All this makes the game does not have as many changes of pace as squash does, thus being more linear, which makes it a less demanding and aggressive aerobic exercise with our body.


Badminton is a sport in which two players or two pairs of players. It takes place on a rectangular track divided transversely by a network face. The game is to hit a flyer with a racket to make it go over the network so that the opponent can not return it.

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