Gimnàs Squash 4


It's a training program that is based on cycling and whose purpose is the achievement of those goals each participant set. His regular practice produces improvements in both physical and mental health as a sports performance.
These sessions range between 45 and 60 minutes to lose 600 calories. Music and a qualified instructor are essential elements. It is advisable to wear heart rate monitor.


Medium / high intensity session where different high and low aerobic choreographies are combined. The aim is to improve cardiovascular endurance and burn calories.


It is a way of suspension training with your own bodyweight. The TRX® Suspension Training is designed to simplify a wide variety of movements in a whole body workout on its own weight. The only point clamping TRX® provides an ideal combination of mobility and support to develop strength, balance, coordination, flexibility and power.


It is a kind of physical conditioning inspired in the Latin culture, which combines music and Latin dance movements and international class to create a fun and effective experience. The dance moves with aerobic base are easy to follow steps aimed at buttocks, legs, arms, abs areas and most importantly: THE HEART.


Physical and mental training system. It strengthens and tones the muscles at the same time that extends, improves posture, improves flexibility and balance and is very important and useful to prevent injuries.

Energy Pump

Directed session that gives multiple benefits, being the aerobic part of the structure that makes it an ideal sport to reduce fat and thus develop muscle mass while also strengthening and improving the joints and posture.


Medium / high intensity session on cardiovascular endurance improved with fun choreography and combining different techniques d'aeròbic, weights, etc.


Medium intensity session with the aim of improving overall fitness. Work combines muscle toning, cardiovascular fitness, stretching, etc. Recommended for those who want to put your body in shape and keep in good physical condition.

Martial Arts


This martial art was created by Japanese master Jigoro Kano in 1882, it has lots of advantages.
  Exercise concentration, perseverance and respect for others in verse. It's practice generates confidence and security on different situations of our everyday life.


It is a modern martial art transformed into Olympic combat sport since 1988, when it was introduced as a demonstration sport at the Olympics.
Taekwondo stands out for the variety and its spectacular kicking techniques. The exercises are working, are designed to promote flexibility and elasticity, improve coordination and enhance general fitness.


The Sipalki-do is a martial art Korean and Mongolian means 18 combat techniques (SIP PAL KI) practiced since 1759. Don is the path of knowledge. So Sipalki-do could be defined as the way of knowledge of the 18 fighting techniques.

Class Schedule

Gimnàs Squash 4 - Carrer de la Rasa, 72, 08221 Terrassa - NIF: B580040171

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